Technology: D3.js, Grunt

QEDOOO was created as the result of a 3 a.m. jam sesh at the Boost Labs office. We design and code custom charts for each of our clients to support their needs (and branding) … but we were starting to notice overlap where clients ask for visuals that they have spotted in our portfolio.

This product started as a way for us to rapidly implement our common charts and became a way for us to share our design chops with others in an easy-to-configure D3 extension.

QEDOOO was quite an experience in the full lifecycle product management and development: from initial ideation and market analysis through marketing and promotion. The architecture and implementation weren’t new to me, but I had interesting exposure to aspects that clients often take care of internally.


At this point in the product lifecycle, we’re in public beta and are continuing to collect (and incorporate) feedback from our helpful beta testers.